Frost-bitten Flower


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Jun 7, 2007
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Taken today: 35mm DSLR Macro Lens (70mm - 35mm conversion) 1/15s & F11.0

Those are tiny snow flakes on the dead flower bud there. I wish I had just a bit more light so I could have increased the DOF a little more...I was in an awkward position with the tripod as it was. The actual size of the bud is about that of your thumbnail. I love macro-shots...but man...they are more difficult that I thought. At the moment...I'm not caring too much for my fake vignette effect, maybe if I tweak it a little...

if you had a tripod, you could have easily increased the DOF with a longer shutter speed/larger aperture.
post....easily removable. had the tripod, I was just working with snow banks, lots of snow...and and snowing at the time. and the silly thing was just at the right height where it was too high for my tiny tripod and too low for my main tripod. Actually, perhaps I should have just pulled the bud off and done it in a small lightbox or something...the wind would not have helped the situation with the long shutter speed.


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