FS- A bunch of 1960s Polaroid cameras all with bags, and accessories.


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Aug 3, 2010
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Morganton, NC
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Here is a list of the cameras that i have. Pictures will be sent if you interested. I would like to sell them all together. And im gonna sell them at a good price.

First up is a Polaroid Land camera Model 80A- Comes with Orignal case, strap, light ,all paper work, polariod filter kit, two tubes of Polaroid print coater(for B&W pictures), and some black things i dont know what they are.

Next is a Polaroid land camera model 150

Comes with case which is torn. Strap, Polaroid photo electric shutter, and light.

Next is A Polaroid 420 comes with case only.

Next is a polaroid 220 no case, no accessories.

I have two odd balls

A Kodak ek6 instant camera.

And a Bell& Howell 1230 video camera. Has film, case , microphone.

I would like to sell this all together.

Im asking $150 shipped to your door. For all of it.

You will not find this many cameras of this era with all the accessories that i have for this cheap. PS. i have a box or stuff that came will all the cameras it has some film paper work and some other stuff.
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Bump make me a offer. These would be a great decoration pieces. They are really taking up space. Also i can prove that im good to go i have sold on many different forums.
Make me a offer. I will Sell them all for $50 plus shipping i can show you links to just the cameras alone are worth $300+ without accessories.

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