FS: AlienBees AB800s + Paul C. Buff Gear


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Sep 27, 2009
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new york city
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i put up a similar thread a while back. ended up getting really busy and could not maintain the sale. i have 2 alienbee AB800 lights in black. both with stands and cases. id like to get 300 each for a light, stand, bulb, and carrying case. i also have a pair of cybersyncs and a couple umbrellas. pm me if your interested, and ill get you some pictures.

is 300 the best price. im interested and im right next door to you
just wanted to update this thread with a list of exactly whats availible. i also want to put out there that i would prefer to deal locally. if not id prefer the buy to pay shipping, and whatever other fees.

heres a list and pictures. pm any other questions.

2 B800 Flash Units (this includes the flash unit, the 7 inch sliver reflector, the bulbs, a pc sync cable, and a power chord)
2 LS3050 10 ft General Purpose Light Stands
1 CyberSync CSRB receiver
1 CyberSync CST transmitter
1 48 in Silver Bounce Umbrella
1 48 in Translucent White Umbrella
1 47 in foldable octabox



How much for the lot if its pickup and cash?
Is this still up for sale? PM me if so.

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