FS:Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L non-is


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Jun 7, 2010
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Mishawaka, IN
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I just purchased this lens from another member and I am selling because my shaky hands need the IS version. I was purchased past November and still has manufacturers warranty. Previous owner said it was a back up lens and took about 500-1000 pictures with it. You cannot tell the difference between this lens and a brand new one! Absolutely immaculate condition. The hid has some slight scuffs. Lens comes with front and rear caps, case, hood, tripod collar, box, original receipt for warranty, and generic uv filter.

Date code is UX1024.

Pictures available upon request.

Asking $1100 shipped and paypalled (personal paypal preferred)

Lowered to $1070

Lowered to $1040
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Not sure what you paid for it but you can buy this lens online brand new for 1189.00.
Lowered to $1040. If you don't like the price then make an offer!
Are you interested in a 300f/4Lis

Sorry, I would be if I hadn't already purchased the IS version of the lens i'm selling. I do want to add the 300 f/4 sometime to my collection but not now. Just need to replenish my bank account.

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