FS: Canon EOS 1D Mark I / Canon EOS 1D "Classic" - new shutter, 3 batteries, charger

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    FS: Canon EOS 1D Mark I / Canon EOS 1D "Classic"

    As I finalize my shift to a uniform system to an all 5D-style body kit I am selling my EOS 1D series bodies...and am now down to my last workhorse ... My final EOS 1D Mark I (EOS 1D Classic).

    I am the original owner of this EOS 1D Mark I and while this camera has seen significant use and shows signs of cosmetic wear, it functions flawlessly. Ultimately all that really matters with cameras is how the are maintained and person (and no this camera is not a beater, but it was used as a daily use body for a few years).

    The camera has been serviced by Canon Pro Service as well as a 3rd party Canon Authorized shop (whom I prefer over the CPS facility for speed, cost & customer service). This EOS 1D Mark I does have a high frame count, however the shutter has only approximately 1,500-1,750 cycles on it. I replaced the shutter on this camera before setting it aside as a spare and remote, since it I moved primarily to the 5D bodies in March 2008.

    This EOS 1D Mark I comes with the following:
    - OEM eye piece
    - All port covers intact
    - Three 3rd party high-capacity batteries (w/ weatherized Canon OEM battery end-caps swapped on)
    - Canon OEM battery charger.

    The primary reason I held onto the EOS 1D Classic bodies is that these cameras feature 1/500 flash synch; a rugged weatherized body; and a CCD sensor rather than a CMOS sensor which is sharper and my preference for not being caught up in the megapixel race (I routinely produced 30x36 prints from the 4mp 1D Classic for clients).

    This Canon EOS 1D Mark I (1D Classic) deserves a good new loving home...and can be boxed up and shipped to that new home for US$600 + $20 for ConUS shipping.

    For more information drop me an e-mail at fish@flyingwithfish.com

    I just sold it's 'twin' 1D Classic and my final 1Ds my yesterday as well ... I wish I had the space to keep them all...but my wife says either the 1D bodies go or my classic Nikon manual focus film bodies go...and I'm not giving up my Nikon F3 and FA bodies with old Nikkor Ai & AI-S lenses)

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