FS: Darkroom Equip. Beseller23CII, gralab, etc...


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Feb 23, 2009
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Hey guys i'm selling off my darkroom. I dont use it that much and simply dont use it as much. Plus i need money to get more gear for my new venture as a weddign photographer.

Everything is for sale and i'd like to sell it mostly as a package, dont want to break apart too much.

The important pieces such as the enlarger, timer and red light are as new, mint, or barely used. Bascially really good shape. Everything else like teh eisel (sp?) filters, test tubes are averagely used. Not sure if want to sell teh test tubes, might come in handy.

Heres the list.

Beseller 23CII B&W enlarger with base, nikon lens, and newish bulb.
GraLab timer looks like new.
Big red light bought it from B&H. It looks like it came out of the box.

Accessories: 35mm carrier. Grain enlarger. Kodak filters. 8x10 print holder.
Toners. Large print trays. 11x13? Maybe some chemicals somewhere.

I also have a bag of Ilford ISO 400 film, maybe like 20 rolls in it. I might throw that in for the right buyer.

Id like $450 for it all. Offers welcome. I think this is a great deal. Must see the shape of all this stuff to believe.

i dont know how often ill be checking my IM's here, so email me at [email protected]

Here are some pics.


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