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Aug 12, 2010
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I bought this direct from Jack himself & had it shipped to me in the UK. As I haven't shot film for about 6 years now thanks to clients requiring 'the instant gratification' of digital, it's time to clear the cupboards and let this camera be put to work by someone who'll appreciate it as much as I have.
Deardorff '5x4 Special' fitted with a Cambo International back so the ground glass can be notched out for roll film holders. These were built by Deardorff as 5x7's & fitted with a 5x4 reduction back making them far less fiddly to set up & focus, compared to say my Gandolfi 54 which, when I eventualy received it - loathed). The Deardorff is also a triple extension, so you can get in tighter with longer lenses and has far superior swings & tilts than the Gandolfi. I have a couple of spare ground glass screens. The one currently fitted is SnowHill (no longer in business) really bright & an absolute dream to focus up on.
Rodenstock Grandagon-N f4.5 65mm lens on an all metal recessed Deardorff panel. I don't think you can get these anymore.
Schneider Super Angulons - f5.6 Linhof 75mm & a f8 90mm - both on flat wooden Deardorff panels:
Schneider Symmar S 150mm & 210mm - both f5.6 and on flat wooden Deardorff panels:
Linhof Super Rollex 45 Roll Film Holder - 6x9:
Linhof Techno Rollex Roll Film Holder - 6x12:
545 Polaroid film Holder:
Fuji 45 Instant Film Pack Holder:
2 1/4 sized FujiRoid Instant Film Holder:
Fuji Quickload film holder:

This all comes in a custom compartmentalised & fitted UnderwaterKinetics case in black. This case is bullet proof. In over 20 years of having airline baggage handlers try their best, I've yet to suffer any breakages.
I'm looking for sensible offers in the region of £4000.00 for all the above and for that you'll get all the bits below. Plus some Polaroid type 55 & Fuji Quickload I have lurking in my fridge.
15 or so Fidelity DDS complete with sheaths PLUS 20 or so Metal Sheaths for Infrared film:
Darkcloth: Harrison changing bag: NPC lupe: Cable release: A really neat precision angle finder: Plus other bits 'n bobs you need out in the field.
I'm UK based & will ship anywhere once freight costs are agreed and funds cleared. Please note: I do NOT take Western Union or fake PayPal offers!
Pictures can download them from the link below.
Contact is; david (at) preutz.com
Downloaded link: <http://www.preutz.com/deardorff.zip>

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