FS/FT: Fujifilm Finepix S2 Pro & a few different Nikkor Lenses


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Nov 5, 2011
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Everything I am listing is in perfect working order. I'm just trying to thin out my collection.
All prices include shipping.

I will consider a trade as well, I need a Nikon F mount UWA lens.(i.e. Tokina 11-16, tamron 11-18, sigma 12-24)

Fujifilm Finepix S2 Pro SLR with cable and instruction manual - $165
Cosmetically this camera is a 8/10. There is some scuffing from regular use, but all buttons are still there, and none of the paint is rubbed off. In function, the camera is a 10/10. It works as it should. All LCD screens are working and no leaks, cracks, or damage. This camera has Fujis 6mp Super CCD (capable of 12mp interpolated images with impressive dynamic range considering its age.) and works with any Nikon F mount lens. (will not meter with non-cpu lenses) includes body cover and camera strap
For anyone concerned, this cameras serial number (31A103xx) does not fall into the range of finepix S2 pro cameras that were prone to sensor failure. This sensor works fine and hopefully will continue to for some while.


Nikkor 35-105 f3.5-4.5 AF - $85
Cosmetically a 7/10 a slight bit of paint loss and some slight scuffing on the body, the metal mount looks good.Aperture blades are free of oil and are snappy. Focus functions smoothly, Push pull zoom function is nice and tight (but not excessively tight, feels like a fresh lens!) Optically this lens is great!!! Free of haze, fungus, and scratches! This lens feels like it is mostly metal construction, and very durable. comes with front and rear caps

Nikkor 70-210 f4.5-5.6 AF-D $175
Cosmetically I'd rate this an 8.5/10. Optically it is great!!! Free of haze, fungus, and scratches! Aperture is snappy and free of oil, push pull zoom functions smoothly, focus ring functions smoothly. This lens is faster auto-focusing then almost any other zoom lens in this price range! Mostly metal construction. Comes with front and rear caps.

Nikkor 55-200 f4.5-5.6 VR AF-S - $150
Optically and cosmetically a 10/10. I bought less than a year ago from Adorama, it has been barely used. Comes with front and rear caps.

Nikkor 75-300 4.5-5.6 AF - $80
Cosmetically 8.5/10 Optically 7/10. I got this lens a year ago as part of a kit I was buying off Craigslist. It had a minor fungal infection of the front element. I was able to remove the element and get most of the fungus cleaned off with vinegar, but I could get to the inside of the element, there is some minor growth on the very edges of the lens. In the worst spot it extends a couple mm from the edge of the lens. After reassembling it, I sat the lens on a windowsill that gets direct sunlight for 1 month (2 weeks front element, 2 weeks rear element exposed to sunlight) The fungus has not spread at all in the year since I have done this. I have shot with this lens in many varying conditions and the very minor fungus on the edge of the front element does not seem to effect IQ in any way. All metal construction with built in tripod mount collar. Zoom functions smoothly, at the end of the zoom range, it feels like it locks in place slightly. I do not think this is a design element of this lens, as it feels more like slight amount of gunk to me, but it is not severe at all. The push pull zoom is not loose, and the aperture is free of oil and is snappy. Focus functions smoothly.

If you are interested in anything but feel my prices are unreasonable please feel free to make an offer. If you are a little nervous about buying from me since I have not sold on this forum yet, I can give links to my eBay account, and a couple other forums where I have positive feedback ratings. (100% positive in fact!)
Thanks for looking!

Money order, personal check, or cold hard cash preferred, paypal is acceptable (would like it to be gift transaction though)
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BumpThe finepix s2 pro slr is still a great studio/still life camera, and all the lenses would make great inexpensive backups or starter lenses. They are a step up from the kit lenses, and all of them are well regarded by Señor Rockwell (fwiw) Make me an offer on individual items or everything as a kit.
I do not know Robchaos--but I am intimately familiar with the FUji S2 Pro d-slr...I shot with one as one of my two main cameras for three and a half years...it has superb color, and is one of the EASIEST cameras to configure,and re-configure for size, color saturation, sharpening, and contrast. ON the back of the camera is a good-sized window with the main picture control sizes, contrast, color saturation, and contrast degrees, as well as RAW/JPEG, all in one centrally-located LCD panel. This camera shoots a really nice .RAF raw file, and it also makes AMAZING JPEG images, and unlike many cameras, it is super-easy to set a custom white balance with an S2 Pro.

When it was new, the S2 pro was perhaps "the" preferred portrait and wedding and "people" camera. The color palette that this camera can deliver is simple beautiful--especially with a good white balance set!!! This camera can produce out of camera JPEGs that are some of the prettiest you will ever see. it also shoots BEAUTIFUL B&W images!!! If I did not still have my S2 Pro, I'd probably buy this one...
Thank you Derrel. I just find that between my d90 and d200, the s2 just doesn't see the use it deserves anymore. I don't do any studio photography so I'm hoping someone out there can make use of it rather then it sitting in my cabinet full of camera stuff. Daily bump. This is all great equipment, the lenses are all from the era when nikon was making them robustly and out of mostly metal.
If you still have the 35-105, or the 55-200 next Wednesday (tax return coming in) I will be interested :)
bump, someone pointed out to me that I might have trouble selling the finepix S2 pro since a certain amount of them had CCD problems, I have updated the first post with the serial number and a couple links documenting Fujis campaign to replace the S2 Pro cameras with faulty sensors.
The S2 pro I am selling is not one of the cameras falling into the range of affected cameras likely to experience CCD death!

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