FS Mint US Nikon D200 DSLR Body


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Oct 8, 2007
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Mint condition US Nikon D200 body has 9900 or so clicks and was bought new from Best Buy on 03/2006. I have the Nikon 2 year extended warranty on it as well. I will send in for the new owner if needed if they pay for shipping. Asking $950.00 including shipping to US and Paypal. Includes charger, box, 1 battery, manuals, cables, caps etc. Will include 1 mint Lexar 512MB CF card & 2 mint Sandisk Ultra II 512MB CF card. It is still a great camera.

Only reason for selling recently purchased D300. I have 100% feedback at Ebay under the name jmark350z. I recently sold a Nikon 300mm f4 there. Interest?
Bump for price drop to $950.00.
Added another mint Sandisk Ultra II 512MB CF card to the sale.
Not to be rude but people arent going to bite without pictures of the equipment.
I have sold camera equipment with & without pics. I'll try & get some soon.
Not to mention your post count is a little lite. Without pix, most won't give your listing a second look.
I'll try & get some pics. I have 86 + feedbacks on Ebay as jmark350z including a 300mm f4 Nikon AFS lense & Nikon D70. Just sold a 18-70mm Nikon lense on Nikon Cafe with positive feedback. Thanks.
if you have a d300 now, taking images of your d200 should not be a real problem ...
Sale pending.

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