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Jan 9, 2012
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For sale is my D90, along with a Zeikos battery & grip. I am the original owner, and I've taken very good care of this body. There are some very minor scratches here and there from normal use, but nothing significant, and the mechanical function is exactly as expected. I'm only selling because I'm upgrading to the D700. Shutter count is ~25,700, or about one quarter of the projected lifetime. Comes in its original box, with all original accessories (strap, battery, charger, cap). Price for camera and grip together is $620 shipped via PP gift (add 3% for traditional PP.)

Pictures available upon request.
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Do the D90s take video?
Yes they do. The D90 was the first DSLR ever to shoot HD video. It shoots in 720p at 24 fps. The quality is surprising good, as well as the audio capture. I rarely use the video feature, but when I have the results have been above expectations. The only limitation is that the camera doesn't autofocus while it's recording. You can manual focus all day long obviously. It captures clips in 5 minute segments. In other words, after 5 minutes of shooting, it will stop recording so it can write to your card. The D90 is definitely a DSLR first and a video camera second. It's still images are fantastic for a mid-range consumer body.

I've attached a YouTube clip showcasing the video capability.
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I need a new body. Trying scrounge up some money. Good price. I'm definitely interested.
Well, to give you some perspective, I'm a semi-pro photographer. Started my business, Ballenger Photography, in November 2009. My only camera has been the D90. With it, I've built my biz to a steady side gig. You can check out my work at my website. All the images there were taken with the D90.http://www.ballengerphotos.com It's time for me to move to the next level, the D700 with a backup D7000, so now it's time to give the D90 to someone who will love it like I have. It's been treated with the care and protection one would expect for a piece of valuable property.

I'll look forward to hearing from you. For faster response, you can email james (at) ballengerphotos.com.
I bought this D90. VERY VERY poorly packaged. I was disgusted seeing how it was packaged. Thin USPS box with D90 put in it and half filled with foam peanuts. To me that's terrible. Camera wasn't wrapped or anything. Just put into the box with peanuts. Also, when it was delivered there was a hole in the box as if something fell on it. Turns out everything works but could have been worse.

Lets just say I am relieved that nothing was damaged, but I will NEVER EVER buy from this guy again.
So it didn't come in the original box as stated above or it came in the original box but the OP left out the part that the original packing was missing?
He asked me if he could not include the original box because it is too big for the box from USPS. I tried to be understanding so I said its fine as long as he ships me the orginal box even though its broken down. So thats what he did.

Threw everything camera body, 2 batteries, manual, charger in the box and filled half the box with peanuts.... Grade F in my book. Spend this kind of money at least protect the camera body!!!
I'm sorry to hear that the package didn't arrive in the manner that I shipped it. I don't know what caused a hole in the box, but that would likely explain why some of the peanuts were missing. When I shipped it, I padded the bottom of the box with that crumpled brown UPS paper stuff, placed the camera inside and then crammed peanuts all down and around it for padding, then filled the rest of the box with more peanuts.

You got a great camera at a price much better than I wanted to sell it for. Let's focus on the positive here. I'm truly sorry the box didn't arrive in the condition we both expect from a large purchase like this, but as you said everything works exactly as expected. Enjoy your camera, sir!
Like I said. It could have been much worse because of your poor packing job. It's pure luck that it wasn't damaged.

You're right. It was a good price but still $575 that I paid. I expect at least some protection to the camera I paid for.

I'd like to hear if anyone here thinks foam peanut in a box is enough to ship a camera body... It's not about the box. It's about how you packed the box. Terribly.

I'd never buy anything from you again. Nor would I recommend anyone buying stuff from you.
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