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Jun 25, 2009
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Cold Lake AB
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Just put the camera for sale on ebay Canada.
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you love that d7000 dont you :p
lol, I do, but I'm not getting one. I want to sell the D90 to get a P7000. I'll get the D300S replacement next year when that comes out.
Ok, here's some pics, hope this works. I'll get back to you on the shutter actuations. I thought I had the file numbers set so it would keep track but right now it says DSC_0291.NEF and I definitely took more pics than that. I'd say at least 20 000. I'll try and get a rough estimate from my lightroom library.




I took the BM-10 protector screen off so you could see the lcd. The spot in the upper middle on the last pic is actually lint, the lcd is just worn on the sides where the protector rubs on it. I have a new plastic protector still in it's package that I'll include as well. Like I said I have everything that came with it.
Pretty good price! I already have one, but seeing if you have any lenses you want to unleash?!?!
Ok, so I don't have a specific number for the shutter releases. I have a little over 5000 photos since I got the D90, so I'm going to say approximately 20 thousand shutter releases but that's just an estimate, sorry, that's all I got.
Pretty good price! I already have one, but seeing if you have any lenses you want to unleash?!?!

I have an AF 70 to 300mm f/4 to f/5.6 G lens that I want 100 bucks for. That's about it for now.
This hasn't sold yet if anyone is interested.
I would like to know the shutter actuations. Google how to find it. There are many ways.
I didn't know you could find out that way, right on. I'm back east visiting family till next tuesday, but I'll definitely check it out and post the results, thanks for the info.

No, it's not the VR version, it's the old one.

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