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    For Sale: North Face Off Site - A Brief Case that doubles as a location lighting kit & luggage

    The North Face Off Site briefcase was designed as a large commuter briefcase, however for me it has been used as an all purpose shoulder bag that meets all airline carry on specifications for carry-on baggage (including regional jets and turbo props). The design of the North Face Off Site allows it to be brought on board flights as a 'personal item' ensuring users can get a ton of gear onto their flight.

    As I have two North Face Off Site bags, I am selling off one in an effort to clean out what should be my office...and what more or less has come to resemble a warehouse for camera bags. In this cleaning out effort, all the redundant bags must go!

    The North Face Off Site's dimensions of 18" x 14" x 7", and a total linear size of 39-linear inches, don't do the bags potential justice. My primary use of the North Face Off Site briefcases has been as a concealed shoulder "Lighting Briefcase." The most common load found in my Off Site bags is the following
    My North Face Offsite hauls the following, in order of top to bottom, left to right, correlating to the photo below

    2- Bogen 3373 compact lightstands
    2 - Pocket Wizard transmitters
    2- Pocket Wizard receivers
    2 - PC cords
    1 - Lightware “Z” accessory pouch
    2 - Nikon SB-28dx speed lights
    2 - Photoflex speedrings
    2 - Calumet Swivel Adapters
    1 - small roll of gaffers tape
    1 - Honl Black/White Gobo
    1 - Honl Grid
    1 - Photoflex Q39 softboxes
    1 - Lumiquest mini-snoot
    1 - USB multi-card reader ; USB cord
    1 - Apple power supply
    1 - 13″ Apple MacBook
    1 - Timbuk2 laptop sleeve

    Being able to transport all of my compact lighting equipment in a single briefcase that is under the minimum 'personal item' size for virtually every airline with a defined 'personal item' defined size allows me significant flexibility in how I work and how I transport my equipment.

    When not being used as an all in one lighting bag, my Off Site bags are frequently used as my carry-on luggage for clothing on 2-to-3 day trips in conjunction with a photo backpack. Inside the Off Site travellers can easily pack three dry cleaned shirts; two pairs of folded pants; a complete set of Newswear pouches on a Newswear belt (or Think Tank Skin pouches on an unpadded Skin belt), socks, underwear, toiletries, surge bags, Netbook or portable DVD player, etc etc.

    The design of the North Face Off SIte incorporates a rear separated laptop slot. This lot allows for easy access to a laptop in airport security lanes without unloaded the main compartment of the bag. If using the North Face Off Site for clothing this slot can easily hold 3 or 4 dry cleaned (folded) shirts and keep them neat and wrinkle free. The underside of the Off Site features a hidden zipper pocket which is an excellent location to pack power supplies, so they can be quickly accessed to change your phone & laptop while waiting in the airport lounge.

    This Off Site has been used by me quite a bit, but was not my primary bag. The bag shows signs of wear, but is in excellent structural shape with minimal wear & tear. The bag will be washed before it is shipped just to clean it up from having sat in my closet...and the occasional 'valet check' at the stairs of a regional jet (when packed with clothes, never when packed with lighting gear).

    The current street price on the North Face Surge is around US$100, so I'm cleaning mine out of the closet for US$55 including CONUS Shipping & PayPal Fees.

    Below is a photo of my Off Site with the lighting kit often found in it...both unloaded & loaded, along with 6 photos of the actual bag I am selling.

    Any questions? Feel free to e-mail me at fish@flyingwithfish.com

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