FS or Trade: nikon 35mm 1.8g af-s & 18-200mm VR

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by spudgunr, Jun 14, 2009.

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    ***Sold*** 35mm: Got it about a month and a half ago prior to picking up a speedlight. While not completely made obsolete it did lose a lot of its functionality. I also had to commit to selling it to help pay for the D200 package I got. These still aren't in stock anywhere and I've noticed the selling price has gone up to near $300 on ebay and craigslist. $250 shipped. ***Sold***

    ***SPF*** 18-200mm VR: Got this in a package deal with the D200 body (what I really wanted). While I REALLY want this lens I cannot afford to keep it. Again, I committed to selling it to pay for the package and make it a cash even deal (sold my D60 on craigslist today). I can't tell what is a fair used price for this. Saw a few used ones on amazon for $650 but thought that was a bit high. Saw some used ones on ebay going for $600 so I'll say $600 shipped. ***Sold***

    Let me know if I'm out of line on that. I THINK this may have part of an extened warranty (transferrable) left on it, but I'm not positive. IT was actually for the kit so I am keeping the paperwork for my body, but if you needed it and it IS covered then I would get you the info needed.

    I am willing to do a PARTIAL trade for an sb-600. If anybody buys (or trades for) both items I will knock $50 off the price and pay insurance. Otherwise insurance will be at your option and expense.

    Paypal accepted if you are going to get the 35mm. I have a personal account so cannot do the full cash price on the 18-200mm vr. If you get that or both then POSTAL (!!!) money order.

    Chris Coleman

    Email is best for quickest response.

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    I paid $660 for my 18-200 from B&H so this looks like a good deal to me.

    Bump for a great lens.

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