FS: Sony DSR-PDX10, 3-CCD 16:9 Native Camcorder, Low-Hours!

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    I'm selling a used Sony DSR-PDX10 with low hours for $700.00 o.b.o.

    A native 16:9 3 CCD Prosumer SD Camcorder with outstanding imaging.

    This camera has been well cared for and maintained. Only one-brand of tapes was used: Sony.

    Included are the microphone, XLR adapter, 2x Lens Hood, Remote, Op Manual, Additional Battery, Memory Stick, and Power Supply.

    Camcorderinfo.com Review

    Personally Provided Images:




    The CCD has a hotspot which is shown below in a captured image. One pixel affects the one above and below it. This hotspot is visible in captured video after the camera has been on an extended amount of time and for video that is shot in very low light. This image was taken with the lens cap on. Sony will replace the entire CCD imaging block for a flat rate of $550.00 if so desired.

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