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Jan 6, 2008
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Well im pretty new And this will be my second photo post on the site And second time i went out shooting with my camera. i tried using B&W and these are what i got let me know what you think.

Taken with A Nikon D40 With kit lens
Im Also pretty new at pp so let me know if theres something better i could do. even though i only put the border up lol.


I'd suggest using a tripod. It's not doesn't seem to be genuinely sharp anywhere, and that's often a result of a lack of a truly steady rest. A tiny bit of movement during taking, including movement from mirror slap can reduce overall sharpness.

I'd also suggest that when you are taking a shot where you want deep shadow detail, that you overexpose by at least half a stop.

Also, when you shoot B&W a yellow filter helps loads...

Digital doesn't change the fundamentals of photography, so definitely pick up a book about the fundamentals of photography and read, read, read.

Masters aren't masters because they know any secrets that all of us peons don't, they're just following the rules to a more consistent degree, often without having to think about them.

If that "thoughtlessness" seems peculiar, just remember that you've now mastered walking, without thinking, left foot....right foot...left foot....right foot....okay....I'm walking on slippery ice...I'm going to have to take small steps to maintain balance...left foot small step....right foot...smalll step...

But when you started walking....that's exactly what you did think about before taking every step or you ended up flat smack on your little bum.
Thank you for you advice. I really appreciate you trying to help me. as i said i am new at this and any advice will help me. I did not use a tripod and i will definatly start using them more often unfortunately i did not bring one with me to the fort.

And im not really sure what you mean by a yellow filter so if you wouldnt mind elaborating and i will be searching google as well.

Also, Do you think you could point me to a title. Or is any beginners photography book say from Barns and Nobles fine? Dare i say Photography for dummies or digital photography for dummies?

Thank you for your input! :) i have so much to learn.

by the way is there anything good about the pictures?

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