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Nov 20, 2007
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im at the bottom rung of rookie status when it comes to photography, but what i do enjoy is close ups of plants wildlife nature ect ect

i had a samsung digi that i was able to take nice close ups with.....i hit the flower button and made sure the lighting was right, waited for the right focus, and could take shots i was happy with

with the s5000, i hit the flower/macro button and i cant get a decent focus...i turn flash on, i tried to zoom in an out, i tried moving closer and farther away......its always blurry regardless.....i know i'm missing something, but i cant figure it out!

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
what's the minimum focusing distance of the lens? You might not be far enough...
Maybe this camera just isn't proficient at macro shots, I dunno.
I have the s700 fuji and I know that there is two macro modes I can select. I first push the flower button shot for like 12inch or back further. If I hit it again I can get down to 1cm according to the manal and have tested this. It works great out of my camrea. So maybe you have to push it twice for super close shot. Maybe that will help.
I think on the camera there is macro and super macro. Try the second one and you may be able to get better close up shots.
I think you will find the 5000 only has macro not super macro so pushing the button twice will turn the macro off. If I can remember correctly the closest you can use macro is 4" or 10cm . I dont think it was ever really good at macro shots. If you cant afford one of the newer fuji's that have the super macro they take great macro shots you can actully touch the lens of the camera agains't what you are shooting the the shot will turn out good.
You should still be able to get a few decent macro shots out of the 5000 just dont expect to much.

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