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Fun shoot outside a honky tonk


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Apr 15, 2010
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I'm working with a hair and make-up artist here in Austin to come up with fun shoots and create images for both our portfolios. These were taken outside the Broken Spoke honky tonk in South Austin. I know my editing styles are all over the place but I'm still in the phase where I'm playing with the photos trying to settle on the feel I want. Just having fun with it at this point :)

This was my second ever shoot with a model. She was a delight!





Shots 3 and 4, as verticals...woulda' been nice images...but the camera being held in its convenient,horizontal orientation has reduced her to a floating head in 3, and a woman with a cut-off head in 4...if this were cinematography, a horizontal camera orientation would actually make sense.

Look at how cute #5 is...we can see her shirt...

Photo 2 includes the dilapidated old bus, and has a reason for being a horizontal...3 and 4 have empty, un-interesting out of focus nothingness, and her shoulders, chest, and bustline are missing...you've eliminated the majority of the woman's appeal and traded it for empty space in photos 3 and 4.
That is excellent feedback - thank you! I may have taken those 2 shots horizontal, but I'm going to go back and check and see if I can re-crop. It's funny, I've been taking so many shots in portrait mode lately that I have to force myself to turn the camera landscape and yet I posted more horizontals. Oh well :)
I do not like the harsh shadow line across her neck in image 1. It really separates her head from the rest of her body.

2nd shot I like. Last shot I like.

3. Bad make up...touch-up please.

4. Direct frontal shot. Chopped head off, strong direct frontal lighting is bad on the skin.

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