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Oct 3, 2010
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Dallas, TX
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Took a few pics of some incense burning tonight and then followed a How-To article in a photography magazine walking me through the edits. Here's my finished product =)

1. Original Photo - 35mm f/1.8 1/125 sec ISO-800

2. Edits made in Photoshop CS5
what did you use to produce the smoke?
really cool how did you get the color in the second one?Nice set of pics
I actually like the original more. Although the edit isnt bad, I guess I just like the darkness of the first and the blue hue.
I think the clarity and sharpness of the smoke could be improved for the top part. The rest is good. Also, remove the noise in the white background for your PP version.
Cool edit, but i too prefer the first one... maybe an edit with a black background would be cool?
Great photograph. I, too, prefer the original though.
What I did was light some incense in front of a piece of black poster board. Then I took an LED flashlight and held it above the smoke.

As far as the edits go, I took the picture and inverted it. Then I sectioned out five roughly equal Hue/Saturation adjustment layers using the lasso tool. Then I just played with the sliders until I liked the color for each section.

Thanks for all the feedback guys!
I adjusted the levels to take out the noise and give the background more of a deep black. I think I prefer this one...

I'd mask out the gradient in the background in the second one, other than that they came out nicely.

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