Hope nobody had a cold! :)
Hope nobody had a cold! :)
5 girls on one lolly during flu season, its not looking promising!

I don't really know what to CC on these images. What was your goal OP? What did you want them to say?
Ewww. These pictures make me feel icky.
there is something wrong about these pictures.
Well, if you don't want us to be 'too hard' on you,what is it that you do want?
These are poorly framed and poorly lit snaps with not much going for them except the vaguely pornographic allusion.

I'll take it a step beyond vague and say the OP is crossing the line with a photo like this. What is he/she thinking composing a shot like this with children.
I'm only 18 and even I feel dirty.

These are the FB photos that those girls will regret when trying to find employment.

If I saw my daughter in a pic like this a head or 2 would roll! This is not art just someone trying to get a rise out of others.
its a snapshot of drunk teenagers licking on a lolipop. TROLL.
Sorry for the late reply. I am not a troll, these girls were all completely sober and wanted to take the picture. I'm also not trying to get a "rise" out of anyone. I took these photos for my high school art class. Thanks for the feedback.
wow, I don't even know what to say. Saw the first one and thought it was a little too much innuendo. Then I saw the second one and.... WTF???

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