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Jul 2, 2007
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My gf needed a pic for a website, so I finally got to do my first 'formal shoot'.
I have one light, camera left and a reflector camera right.
What do you think?

For a first time, great start! A couple of things if you don't mind. Bring the camera up to her level. Looks like you're shooting up. Crop above her chest. Have her wear a top with sleeves. Shoulders back. Ever since I read Benji's tutorial about no bare arms for portraits, it's the first thing I notice. :)
I think you need to tone down the glare on her right side, maybe clone it out. Also is the bg grey or tan, I believe your wb is off, she has a yellowish tint.
What were your camera settings? What, if any, modifiers did you use? How far was your light from your subject?
Thanks for the comments!

Ugh.. the glare. Yes. She even put make up on to try and tune in down a bit. Didn't work.
I'm not much of a photoshoper, so cloning out is gonna be a challenge. I wasn't sure how to deal with that.

The background is a tanish color. I tried setting a custom wb with a grey card. Guess it didn't work. :p:

My camera settings... f/6.3 - 1/125 - iso400
Shooting through a soft box about 6' away.
Crop above her chest.
too funny, she kept saying... "up... no boobs".
i'm a guy... what can I say? :lol:

I'm gonna have to search for Benji's thread. Thanks for the tips.
For the first time congrats. It's a little flat and your gf looks a bit tense. It's your job to make them look natural so try playing around with positions a bit but keep it clean or the shoot might turn into something else. :)
remember the closer the softbox the softer (bigger) the light. also you can manually set the cam for the correct WB value when using strobes, but at least adjust it in post if you leave the cam on auto
In Photoshop Elements:
> simple crop to focus on face
> healing brush tool to remove glare
> slightly lightened background
> slightly increased contrast

Elements is very easy to learn. Total time to do this about 2mins.


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