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Jul 27, 2015
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Hello All,

Thank you again for all of the help and support 'ThePhotoForum' community has provided already. I am coming to you all again today with another question for your advice; DX or FX camera?

I am looking to get a second body. I keep hearing and reading about the great effects of the Full Frame Sensors of FX, but the price is a bit high. The DX cameras are more affordable and so are the lenses. I have been reading and watching reviews on the D7100/D7200 vs the D610/D750.

My question is, does the switch to FX really make it worth the extra $1000-$2000 (body+lens)? Any and all advice/feedback is welcome. Thanks in advance!!
I shoot a mixture of portraits, landscapes, and the occasional wedding...perhaps some sports (snowboarding) this winter
What do you currently shoot with?
And are you having any issues with those events you mention ?

and yes .. BUDGET is a big part of the equation. If you can't afford it, then you can't afford it..
maybe just getting an updated DX camera is a big enough difference from your current camera.
Honestly I am currently shooting with a D3200, clearly time to upgrade.

While I can afford the FX camera and lens, it would be pushing my budget and I am just not sure it's fully worth the extra $1000-$2000.
My question is, does the switch to FX really make it worth the extra $1000-$2000 (body+lens)?
To some people, it is worth it, and that's about the minimum difference. It all depends on how healthy your budget is.

TBH, most people could not tell the difference if you asked them to compare two shots each of which was taken using either a DX or an FX.

Most casual photographers are quite content with smaller, cheaper gear that gives them the results they want.

The more wealthy amateurs tend to go for the biggest and brightest in everything, regardless of cost.
This is asked and asked, depends on your needs.

A good crop will do most things a good fullframe will do, but will have better high iso performance and ability for less depth of field for similarly posed and framed shots.

My friend has an excellent d750. I have a d7200. I don't need or can get around the depth of field issues (or it doesn't at least pose an issue for me). I would though in a darker enviroment feel that the d750 was of benefit, I have however shot events (not weddings)in dark areas with a crop camera older and less specced than those of the last few years and the people I shot them for were happy, and I have shot as secondary shooter at weddings with crop with good results.

Lighting and knowledge are more important than gear, the cliched but true statement, but a camera that can do high iso well is a good buffer as well
I guess for me, it would be nice to stay with DX for a while. It keeps the prices down while allowing me to get more gear. If I were to go with the FX camera, then I can afford less gear.

Also, if I were to get another DX body and I had an issue. My current D3200 could easily be a back up and use all the same gear. On top of that, my wife would be able to use the D3200 as a second shooter.

So it would be better for me to stay with the DX format. BUT, if the FX truly is the better option I would prefer to get the FX camera+lens instead of getting the DX gear now and just selling it for half price later to switch to FX. I am at the point where it is time to invest in new gear and in myself; I want to do it right. If DX just isn't worth it, then I need to start getting FX gear. But if the upgrade is so small, then I would rather stay in the DX format...does that make sense?
Put it this way. Your d3200 is an entry level crop camera with a superb sensor. No natter what crop camera you buy as of now you wont get(much)better image quality (all operational procedure being equal). Are you happy with this image quality, does the camera ever struggle with what you need from it image quality wise. Are you using the camera to its ability. Only you know this.
The issues I am running into with my D3200 are the limited focus points and low light images having noise at, or past, ISO 1600. I would really like to have more AF Points and get better images with higher ISO, when needed. Aside from that, I am overall very happy with the D3200.

Also, I need a second body. The more I shoot, the more I worry if/when my camera will fail and I need a back-up. Instead of getting another D3200, I would like to upgrade and see what more I can learn while still having the D3200 as a back-up if/when needed.
Honestly I am currently shooting with a D3200, clearly time to upgrade.

While I can afford the FX camera and lens, it would be pushing my budget and I am just not sure it's fully worth the extra $1000-$2000.

I would say if you find yourself missing shots with your current DX camera because of lighting issues, then upgrading to FX might be worth it depending on how many shots you find yourself missing. If you feel like you need more background separation in your shots than what you've been achieving so far with the 3200, and it's worth the price difference for you personally, then FX might be worth considering.

If however you find your current DX is doing the job pretty well but you just want something with better controls, then maybe a higher end DX like the 7100 would be a better choice. Really you need to look at what an FX will do for you over the DX and decide for yourself, is it worth the price difference?

I can tell you that the D7100 is an extremely capable camera and I've been very happy with mine, but it might not necessarily be the best choice for you depending on your shooting needs.
Focus points- a good crop can solve this

Noise- crop wont solve this but are you exposing corectly all the time, do you shoot raw and process with noise reduction yourself?Do you have noise reduction on or off in camera if shooting jpegs.?Are your shutter speeds so high you could afford to drop them and therefore go lower on iso? Could you add lighting such as a flash to help out?

So many varaibles
I shoot RAW for myself, and RAW+JPEG when shooting for others.

Shutter Speeds are usually around 1/100.

I have a YH-500N Flash.

I understand there are many variables, and of course you cannot know them all from just a few posts on the forums. I guess I am just trying to get a range of opinions and advice to make sure I make the right investment and help my skills as photography continue to grow.
I've been helping a friend who has a d3100.
It's quite frustrating the lack of focus points and focusing features as I have a d7000 and a d600. The d3x00 also lack off camera flash control and a few other things.

Since you seem to do more "professional" work you are already looking at the correct bodies.
d7100/7200 or d610/750.

I initially bought a d7000 BUT I only bought FX lenses, mostly the AF-D lenses which kept costs down. Then I jumped to FF and had to buy no lenses.
With the cheaper d3x00 and d5x00 buying AF-D lenses is not an option (for AF) as they have no in-body focus motor.
But if you go with a d7x00 body then you would have that option. You don't have to buy the uber expensive AF-S lenses all the time.

If you find in weddings that the light is low alot and you have issues capturing a shot, then maybe a FF is the better option. It all depends.
Get the FX, you will be happy you did! :)

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