fz100 to 60D


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Jun 3, 2013
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Hi there, just wondering if the Canon 60D would be a big step up from an FZ100 I'm just not happy with the image noise unless it's outdoors in bright sunlight I've had it about a year now and planning to get a Dslr for Christmas . I Probably should mention I'm looking to be photographing my 3 year old son who never stays still and garden birds in flight .
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Hi stevie,
I just upgraded from a FZ40 to a T2i + 50mm 1.8 and I love my new camera. It gives me greater image quality and much faster autofocus.
So yes, you should upgrade to a 60D.
Thanks for the reply dalex I'm glad your enjoying your new camera and that its much better image quality. I've had some sharp shots with the fz100 at 100-200 ISO but anything above that especially over 400iso the noise is terrible. I'm really looking forward to getting a new dslr I keep looking at the 60d for some reason although its an old camera and I could probably get a 700d for the same price.

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