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Mar 25, 2005
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I've got some webspace and a mysql database thingy. I want to make an online gallery. Can anyone recommend a good, easy to use, customizable gallery script? a free one if poss. What do you lot use?
i have just set up one at

you can put 35 pics on for free.

dont know if its what your loking for though.

check mine out
It dosent sound like what you are looking for but I do feel I should mention it.

Photo lucitidy has individual galleries similar to Deviant Art strictly for photography and photography oriented art (no anime scribles on lined paper here) at no cost to users and no over all limmit to the number of pictures you are allow to have. There is a three per day limmit but, you can put up three a day for the rest of your life in you wanted to.

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