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Oct 9, 2007
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this was my first picture i actually made a scene with myself in it and used timer and what not so im desperate for feedback

thanks for the feedbqack but if the gun was it my hand itd look like i killd myself and thats not the purpose of the image.
ok well the gun is just laying weirdly by the "dead guy" makes it look like he killed himself
looks like he was shot and the gun was left when i look. how could he kill himself and end up in the corner with the gun on the table. im not going to argue of a image thanks for ur feedback.
OKAY! If I had just shot a guy i'd toss the gun on the table not set it there "perfectly"
i though that in the begining but thats what i did i slid it onto the table and thats where it landed lol
Nicely done Kalmkidd. Diggin the debate too. :lmao: I think if it was suicide, the gun would not have been placed back on the table, and there would be an entry wound someplace on the victims melon, with some blood on the walls. If it was murder, the gun would work, and also the victim would work, cause he could have been shot in the belly.
Right now the focus is on the game and you kinda have to "look" for the victim in the corner.
Really love the concept tho. Possibly another angle might work too, where you can shoot(no pun intended) from a lower angle, to get the body, with the gun on the floor, and the table, but maybe make the scene a little more chaotic. I try to keep an overdose of blood out of the shots, but a little would help on this one.
Cool stuff:thumbup:
thanks bro im going to re-shoot it again with a diffrent angle and a diffrent place of the gun and i agree the blood seen though not overboard would do the image justice. thanks.
Right on. Lookin forward to the reshoot. You can make fake blood with a home made recipe. Works great. I have found the stuff that most halloween stores have left out, contain dyes. You can add a spoonful of dish soap to help wash it out, but it still stains the heck out of everything.
i had to adjust the settings on my computer to see the dead guy.... (makes me wonder how many pictures i thought were too dark, when in fact it was just my computer :irked: )

but i agree the position of the gun is no good. its facing the wrong way, imo and you should make it smoking if you can, but just a hint of smoke so we know its recently been fired.

since you put it on a timer, you should make your hand holding the gun (smoking gun) on the right side of the picture and on the dead side of the picture, the body.
Lighting could be better, composition is ill thought out, angle could be lower/tighter.

You are telling a story... here, half your words are missing and the story is unclear, this causes confusing not clarity. Each story needs to be clearly evident.

What I would do...
- Take the shot about 1-1/5 feet above the table and 1-2 feet back from the edge

- make sure the "dead body" was better lit with a separate light

- change the placement of the gun, put it on the OTHER side of the table closer to the camera. Where it is now, it looks as if he shot himself but if that was so, the gun would not even be on the table. The person shooting was on the other side of the table, and if so, would he put the gun so neatly in front of the person he just shot? No, it would be tossed/dropped on the table closer to where he was. Try play acting it out yourself. Play-shoot the person and drop the gun on the table... see where it would fall? Not where it is in your pic.

- put a hotspot around the gun and cards/chips closer to it, make it tack sharp, it becomes the center of attention with the body, though way better lit, out of focus some. Experiment with how much bokeh you feel is good.

- Inverse... same lighting but the body is in focus and the gun blured out

Keep it up, its fun playing and plearning even if it doesn't come out looking how we planned initially. Hint: The more realistic you can make things appear, even if we know it is staged, the better your story is told.
im re-shooting it tonight. be prepared to be amazed.. lol
If I may offer a few ideas...

You need to have the suspects, or at least more of a suggestion of such, included in the shot. It will help clear up any doubt that it may have been suicide. Maybe you just see a hand holding the gun, or a silhouette. I think you also need to have more focus on the dead guy. Where are the other players? And what about some smoke coming out of the barrel? You also need some greenbacks. This guy didn't die over bragging rights only, there needs to be a lot of dough on that table.

This could be set up a thousand ways, good luck and have fun with it.

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