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May 14, 2007
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as my computer level is very basic i have a very basic question for those who deal with advanced information.

If one upgrades software to 64 bit functioning product is that product able to talk to a computer that is 32 bit, or only a 64bit processor work with 64 bit information?

Something in my mind says yes, as most of the world is probably not using 64bit computers yet, but since this isn't within my level of knowledge i would rather not assume:confused:
If you're talking through the internet or a network the answer is yes. If you're talking about transfering data files (photos or documents) then the answer is yes; but only one way 64 bit will read any data that a 32 bit wrote and I'm not sure if a 64 bit software (if any exsists) saves in 64 bit. If you're going to talk directly by plugging one PC into another the answer is probably as long as the operating system isn't too old. As far as transfering software that depends on how old the software is, I lost some software when I went over to Windows XP years ago because it wasn't written for XP and XP couldn't read it's info.

Hope this helps!
Currently I am running Windows 7 x64-bit

I have syswow and System32
I have Program files and Program files (x86)

in otherwords, running 64-bit, you can use all 32 bit programmes, but only some programs run as 64-bit (photoshop for example.) but some plugins for photoshop are made only for 32 bit photoshop.

summary: 64-bit does what 32bit does and more.
my desktop is xp at 32bit and laptop at 64.

at this point when downloading an upgrade i use 32 for the desktop and 64 for the laptop.

seems as if i should continue in this manner

thanks gentlemen
32bit operating systems can not run 64bit software.
64bit operating systems can run 32bit software and 64bit software.
64bit operating systems can not run 16bit software. This is depreciated. I think windows 7 32bit can't do it either.

If you have a 64bit capable processor there's no reason not to run 64bit windows. ... except for drivers.

64bit operating systems need 64bit drivers.
32bit operating systems need 32bit drivers.
These are not interchangeable.

So unless you have some old and nasty printer which isn't supported there's no reason not to go for the 64bit operating system.
this is why i came here to ask as i knew i would get the correct infomration.

someone at a camera store told me , no problem and that just didn't seem logically even to my not so geekie mind.:lol:

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