German Engineering Vs. Arab Technology

Clever. Though personally not a fan of how it relates to current events, but clever advertising none-the-less.
it'd be funny were it not promoting a horrible stereotype. just knowing there's so many ways they could have used the same concept without making it so controversial is what upsets me.
I just hope this won't be playin on tv... Being from Moscow, i remember this kind of events and if i ever see this advert, well... i dunno what i'll do but i'll be friggin offended.
That being said and all events put aside, that's pretty clever... not my kind of humor, but still quite humorous.
I don't think it matteres where you are from, there is always a way to be offended in any kind of humor., I may or may not be funny, but next time you see a vw polo, you will remember this comercial., and i would bet they are airing it in Europe.
I can't say I didn't enjoy that, but I don't see that playing on TV in the near-future.
What's clever is that the manufacturers create something like that, release it onto the internet and can deny that they created it if it backfires (no pun intended). It's guaranteed a good few thousand viewings.

Anyone remember the fighting with the bear for the salmon advert - that was funny.

Okay I have a confession I couldn't open the video... I have a computer that has crashed more times than the Hindenburg (counting reruns).. to combat the loss of information I run a dual system. One is xp with the explorer stripped out of it. Thus making it impossible to use on the net. Also impossible to pic up virus, spyware, trojans ect. As we all know with dsl if your computer is turned on you are on the net more or less. That operating system can't get to the net.

However I run a very old and very very fast windows 95 to reach the net using an old old copy of explorer 5.5 which has microsoft virtual machine... Don't have stinkin sun java here... Some of the old sites still have not been upgraded and do not work correctl with sun java's virtual machine.

Downside: I cant load the lastest video formats. So I can't see this kind of thing. All that to show how far behind the times I am.

Upside no matter how bad my spyware. trojan, or virus is it can only go to a second almost empty hard drive where I can use xp to clean off the windows and explorer folders and then reload. I know it's the hard way but it works for me. And windows 95 is ripping fast on the net.

This is known as redneck trailer trash engineering
I've seen this before. It's not a real advert by the way it's a viral (fake advert made for a product)

Whether or not it was produced by VW is another matter. Some are some aren't. They are a clever way of advertising for free, they create controversy and interest and no one can prove you made it. Plus there are no ( kind of) advertising regulations on the internet.

I think its amusing and really is quite tame.
there is another one for VW (i think it's them) where a cats head gets chopped off in the sunroof
JohnMF said:
there is another one for VW (i think it's them) where a cats head gets chopped off in the sunroof

Yeha that one is class. Thats for Ford Ka not VW. Another one is a pigeon tries to land on the bonnet and it hits the bird with its bonnet. haha.

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