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Mar 18, 2009
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Ok I've been in this hobby now for a little over 6 months and will be honest I haven't really had much time to shoot. I've seen comments on people about how a certain person is getting better with their photos. How do you know, what does a pro look for in a certain picture. Obviously there is focus and sharpness but what about composition?
I think you should be able to look back at the images you took when you started vs your current ones and see improvement in Exposure, Creativity, Post Processing.

You do have to put the time in to get better. If you dont shoot how can you improve? I also think getting out with others and shooting is a good way to improve. That way more experienced shooters can help you.
If your going to shoot with others with the intent on learning make sure you tell them that beforehand if possible - most are not selfish with what they know and a good many are quite keen to pass on what they know - but if they don't know you want/need help they might not relise that you need it - also its no fun for them if your always tapping them on the shoulder to ask something ;)

As for judging how you have improved - just keep looking at your work over time and always be self critical - look at the settings you shot with and where in each shot there are defects and problems and work out how you could have (if you got another chance) corrected that problem in the field - do remember though that one cannot always have everything right in a single shot and sacrifices might have to be made to get one effect that you want.
I use a blog to help me with this (As well as posting on internet forums for feedback) as the blog forces me to look at my shots and start to analyse them (its best if this is done not too long after shooting otherwise you will forget key parts - like the lighting at the time - no scense beating yourself up for using a high ISO and getting a lot of noise in a shot if the lighting was very bad at the time)
I have been taking pictures for a few months now, and i want to get better also. This site is a awesome place to learn from the best.

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