Getting married a week tomorrow!


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Jul 14, 2003
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I’m getting married a week tomorrow! I’m kind of a bit nervous but I know its what I want to do so I’m not worried about that just nervous about doing something like this in front of so many people! We’ve been organising it for about two years and decided to go for a civil ceremony in a Welsh castle..

Then the reception is at a hotel nearby. Our honeymoon will be in Florence and Venice, Italy and because I don’t like flying we’l be travelling by overnight train from Paris to Florence. I can understand why people *really* have a honeymoon….I could never organise weddings for a living, there’s far too much stress involved!

wow, congrats!!!!! :D .. married life is great .. i'd be a lost soul without my hubby :eek:
BTW Synergy, I'll be down your way (Reading) on the 8th of Nov' Reading play my team Wigan Athletic on the Saturday. If you are going to the match pm me and we'll meet up if you wish.

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