Getting this look?

I have a few ideas, but I certainly don't know what exactly did they do. I would say desaturation and selective coloring, you would have to experiment, what comes to mind is selecting an area, coloring the way they want to, and each area making it look like it is...
The look is very impressive, clean yet colorfull in the places that matter.
To my eye, it looks a lot like the pictures were shot with a point and shoot camera and manipulated in Photoshop or similar to look the way the capturer intended, but couldn't manage due to deeper depth of field.

I say this because the vast majority of the shots have dead-centre subjects and many have the background blurred manually with what appears to be gaussian blur. I would also guess that the majority of the shots have been colour manipulated with levels and saturation which is what gives the odd slightly desaturated look. The effect is quite consistent over the site, so I would probably hazard a guess that it was done as a recorded action. The overall feel of the pictures is that they've undergone a significant amount of sharpening and blurring in selective areas which contributes to the look.

I agree with rob in that i think the colour manipulation is a big part of this look, desat bg's with selected colour tones for the models etc. But imo i dont think these were done with a point and shoot and i also think rather than actions, these were done with painstaking precision using various highly skilled photoshop techniques. I say this because using a uniform action just wouldn't produce such a variety of effects, and although alot of these shots appear to be similar, the processing is different in each. The end resault is meant to have a certain look/style, but its a more complex process than it looks in my opinion. I also love this style, its an awesome website and the images are unique and very well produced. :)
I don't think any of those were shot with a point and shoot camera. That guy does pro work for the NYC ballet, and other big organizations, like Visa, and Discovery. It's probably MF film. It's probably digitized at some point, if not at capture, and then processed to give that desaturated look.
I think he dragged a few lights on the set there. Almost studio portraiture outdoors... Also a fog machine...
I think both matt and doc are correct (not surprisingly). I think he may have used a holga in some of them, but that could just be post work. There is obviously a great amount of post production involved, and some strobes or artificial lighting in some of them. they are all pretty unique so it's not one specific thing he did to each one of them.

I'm almost positive he used a 4x5 camera or some type of bellows in his portraiture. several of them seem to have some shifting characteristics.

I really really like his stuff
I would say that guy is definately a pro and must pu quite a bit of photoshop time into each picture.. Some dont' even look real. a couple look like he was photographing miniture replicas of things, although I bet the subject matter is indeed full size. I would love to know how this is done, I doubt it is an action each picture appears to have different elements highlighted, for example the girls red lips, or the name on the side of the car. An action could not differentiate between differing subject matters and focal points.. or could it?

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