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    Its his new Admin Workflow.

    "Administrative workflow for professional wedding photographers. From first inquiry to album collection. The WW CD-ROM includes client letters, staff manuals, phone scripts and much more in the form of modifiable word documents. All the necesary tools to educate your staff and clients for better communication and increased sales."

    Contents of the CD-ROM in Word format are :
    01-Table of contents.doc
    03-Staff welcome letter.doc
    04-General telephone tips.doc
    05-Telephone script.doc
    07-Face-to-face consultation.doc
    08-Booking letter.doc
    09-Booking form.doc
    10-Terms and conditions.doc
    11-Pre-wedding meeting letter.doc
    12-Pre-wedding meeting reminders.doc
    13-Proof letter.doc
    14-Album order sheet.doc
    15-Album pick up.doc
    16-Extra order form.doc
    17-Pre-paid order envelope.doc
    18-Digital negative purchase.doc

    this is everything The Ice Society guy uses to run his business, $100.

    Roger, 773-227-3680,


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