Ghost in the shell...

Lisa B

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Nov 13, 2007
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Mount Penn, PA
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A few years back, my dad died, we went and scattered his ashes in Scotland. I have this picture, of my sister, holding the ashes and a really spooky picture of a face in the side of the tree she is stood next to (which didnt show up in any other pictures of the same tree). I was wondering if you have taken any spooky pictures or if you've had any experience of ghosts?

Cheers, but it was a long time ago, so no condolences needed! I would like to see some more pics like this though...

Most ghostly pics can be explained but i had none for that one
Spooky. That dude who is like "I aint seen no ghost" or something sounds like he's sayin "I ain't affraid of no ghost" hahah...
Spooky indeed!
I dont have any pics but experience...Yes!..dont wanna talk about it though!..brings back some nightmares.

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