Girl At Open Door


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Jan 2, 2007
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Cali, Colombia
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Another snapshot...

A reflector or some fill flash would have helped but as a natural light shot I think it's great.
Calling it a "snapshot" is a bit of an insult to your talents and the model. It may be a bit pedantic but the word snapshot (to most photographers with English as a first language) implies a shot that has been "snapped" without planning or any forethought. It's a bit subtle and probably is only a photographers' thing. Your shots don't fit that definition; they make me want to visit Colombia! :D
Thank you for your helpful and kind comments and yes I know "snapshot" is a sensitive term. I am a "hobbyist" though so perhaps I can be excused for using it. Lately I have been trying to avoid flash for my people photos but fill flash is a good idea. Colombia awaits you and absolutely bring your camera.
if you don't like flash then a reflector would have helped light the other portion of her face. Beauty of digital is the trial and error process. I highly recommend off camera flash with a small diffuser. Gives you the capability of positioning the light where you like. IF you do not like - reposition :)

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