Glamour shooting in my living room

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Jul 20, 2011
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Damn, I can never see your posts at work!! But I'm pretty sure it is as good or better than all your previous posts. I'll have to check it out when I'm home.
Great shot, but am I the only person that would like to see a little more DOF on this one?
Got some others with more DOF. Here I wanted more focus to her expression then anything else.
Very nice. You have a lovely color palette in here, and there is much to love.

In the interest of useful feedback, I will say that this appears to have been shot quite wide and therefore her proportions look a little off. Her legs and hips look quite tiny here, which is partly pose and partly lens. I understand you were working in a cramped space, most likely, so there's a reason -- but she still looks a little out of proportion.

Also, I am not happy with the DoF. Not that it's shallow, but the character of the out of focus region feels a little off to me. It *feels* like her skin is over-smoothed, but it's obviously not. The in-focus parts are quite natural looking and beautiful. The out-of-focus thighs feel off, though. Is that genuine bokeh back there, or did you add it in post?
Nice. I would have gone for a different crop either more legs or just the torso. But nice all the same.

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