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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Sheree, Feb 3, 2005.

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    Has anyone used the gloss SureGuard McDonald, Gepe, or Krylon?

    I'm curious to know if it would eliminate the "shiny-but-dull-in-places" results on photos printed with inkjets WITHOUT the Gloss Optimizer cartridge such as in the Epson Photo Stylus R800.

    I have the Epson R800....I love the glossy photo prints using Gloss Optimizer, BUT have had many friends ask about why their glossy prints have a mottled, uneven finish when the light reflects at different angles. Example: photo of man with mustache and beard...picture is glossy except for mustache, beard and other dark areas; those appear matte finish.

    Any suggestions other than for them not to print on glossy paper? Do the above listed spray glosses elimiminate this mottled finish?

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    I've used Krylon and 3M sprays with disasterous results. Might just be me, but it was like trying to apply yacht varnish. Lots of nasty fumes, the spray soaks into the paper and makes it warp (you can't touch it after you've started). Getting an even coat was impossibly tricky (which is the problem you are trying to overcome!).

    Glossy is really difficult to do at home, not least because the paper path isn't straight in the printer and the rollers have a tendency to scratch the paper. I have found that HP semi-matte paper (with HP photosmart printer) works really fantastically. I'm sure their paper would work in your printer, but it's very expensive over here - about £12 for 25 sheets.

    If you're printing out enlargements, semi-matte looks pretty similar to gloss when framed, but otherwise I don't have a suggestion for you, sorry!

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    I use the Mcdonald matte spray it works great and gives the print a pure matte finish with no sheen at all. It works great on all traditional prints and usually works fine with ink jet or computer printer photo paper. However I have had a couple times using it with certain papers go haze on me it looks like you dusted it with powder. I guess it depends on the paper but that has only happened 1 or 2 times. Maybe do a test sample before you do an actual print you want to save but then again if it does you can always print another.

    Needless to say use it in a ventalated area because it smells like an automotive paint booth when you use it.

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