GND's with 14-24


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May 23, 2009
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Does anyone use GND filters handheld with their 14-24mm? How well does it work? I am not looking to get the LEE filter solution.
Generally you don't. People usually don't use filters with 14mm lenses unless it's got a gel holder in the back, which the 14-24 does not.

This is why people generally go for the 16-35 f/4. It's almost just as sharp, can use filters, only a stop slower, the only major downside is that there's a some barrel distortion at the wide end (easy to correct though).
The 16-35 was initially what I had planned on getting but after extensive research it appears that it's not as comparable as some reviews make it out to be. Though it is one of the sharpest lenses out there, it still can't touch the 14-24. I also have the 24-70 so I don't really see any point in overlapping the focal ranges while sacrificing 2mm on the wide end unless I sold the 24-70 and picked up a 70-200 instead. 16-35, 70-200, then fill the gap with a 50 1.4 if I really needed it.

I am not sure how productive the 16-35 is on a DX body though, as I will be using it on my D300 until the D700 gets replaced. I would have to keep my 12-24 for the wider shots. At least with the 14-24 it's only 2mm difference on the wide end.
Darn Josh, I was hoping the post was about Girl Next Doors, with the 14-24mm lens...
Far as I know the Lee filter holder system for the 14-24mm is the only commercial solution on the market. Otherwise its creative holding of filters by hand or some botchit home DIY solution. I did see a video where someone managed to get a cokin filter holder onto a sigma 8-16mm lens; but I honestly think if you want to go for ease of holding the lee holder is your best bet - and you'll need the larger filters as well for use at the wide end of the lens.

edit for those interested this is the lee special holder:

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