Going nuts. Fuji S6500 vs Canon S3?

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by JackReacher, Feb 3, 2007.

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    Jan 13, 2007
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    For the past two weeks I've been researching those two final cameras that fit to my needs, but now I dont know which one to buy. :confused:

    Some reviews says Canon is better, some say the opposite.
    I think the main debate is IS vs high usable ISO (some say that its better than any IS).

    I want this to end and finally get a digital camera that will please me for many years (getting tired of my cellphone camera)


  2. fmw

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    Sep 30, 2006
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    Well, my recommendation would be to buy neither but choose one of the entry level DSLRs from Canon, Nikon or Pentax. You will get significantly better image quality and more flexibility with interchangeable lenses.

    I think high ISO is a very bad idea. It produces significant amouns of noise in the images. Personally, I never go above 200 but many people do. IS, on the other hand, works very well so I would categorically disagree with those that told you high ISO is a good thing.

    See? There is no right or wrong, just opinions and preferences.
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    I was in the same shoes about 3 months ago.I ended up with the s3 is and was happy with it until I started to realize the limitations about 3 weeks in and was never happy after that.Could have invested the original 350 bux into a dslr and been very well off.
    needless to say I agree with the above comment and suggest you go with a dslr if it fits in your budget.
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    Jul 6, 2006
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    You're writing to a forum frequented by a bunch of camera snobs (I'm one of them, so that's not a criticism, it's actually a compliment), so most folks here are pretty biased that an SLR or DSLR is the way to go.

    Digital P&S have limitations for sure, so be wary of thinking that you'll buy it and be happy for years to come, unless you only want to be happy for 2-5, which is probably all that's reasonable to expect.

    We have a Casio P&S (I think Casio makes really good, highly underrated P&S cameras). But... unless I'm just snapping shots of family at Xmas, I don't even waste my time with it. You see how much nicer your photos can look if you know how to use an SLR, and you're hooked.

    If you MUST buy a P&S, take FMW's advice and go with the image stabilization if it's a straight up choice between that and high ISO. Unless you're taking night shots, it's not necessary to have that. And if you're taking night shots, buy a film SLR. And while you're deciding, just get an SLR or DSLR anyway. :)

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