“Going To The Open (Self-Portrait)...”


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Aug 2, 2015
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ISO 100
1/250 Sec.
70 - 200 mm - f/2.8E FL ED VR
80 mm

OCF Left SB 910 With Westcott 60" Optical White Satin & OCF Right SB 910 With Westcott 60" Optical White Satin- Using Phottix/Odin II System.

(Processed In LR & PS)


Thanks For Looking Any Comments/Criticism Will Be Appreciated.


You talk'n to me, ARE YOU TALKING TO ME! Got a little DeNiro going there. LOL

Self portraits are hard, really hard, but you made a valiant attempt. Lighting isn't bad thoughmoving your key higher will help more in shaping the face. Adding a reflector low center, should help getting light up under the cap.

I'm not sure this is a good pose for you as to me it gives off an "uncomfortable" or "rigid" vibe. A basic masculine pose might be a better choice, one in which the body and head go "in the direction" of the key. The back shoulder lowered causes the head to tilt toward it, but head and neck remain perpendicular to the shoulder line, and the body 45 degrees to camera. This is a pose that will minimize weight especially around the jaw and neck. Putting your weight on the leg farthest from the camera and extending the front slightly will give you balance and facilitate a natural shoulder drop.

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