Gold Beach


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Sep 16, 2005
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I'm also pretty happy with this one. Any comments or is it ready to move to the critique forum?

Efke 50 processed in Diafine. Enlarged to 8x10 on pearl RC paper. Scanned from the print.

i only have a few comments...

The log... is it in focus? it is kind of hard to tell from the scanned print, i suppose the real print looks better.

and what is the big circular-ish shadow in the lower right?

besides that it looks great!
The big circle thing is the ridge of a sand dune and the shadow of the back side of it.
The big circle thing is the ridge of a sand dune and the shadow of the back side of it.

You got it, Lloyd. It's a big wash-out on the beach.

The log is in focus in the print. Damn scanners.
how do the highlights look in the print?
how do the highlights look in the print?

There's more definition in the details with the exception of the log laying in the water in the background. That's kinda blown.
I'd burn in the sky, dodge the stones in the sea.

If you shot this 35mm, can you go back at a similar time of day and shoot it in a larger format?

Otherwise PP could be hard. An dodging burning mask is pretty damned hard to make in 35mm, and burning/dodging with a tool, will leave a halo.

I don't mean that backhanded, as with film, only decent exposures deserve the time it takes to make a good print.

P.S. I've figured out that I get better scans by making a smaller print, and scanning at a higher DPI.
Thanks, Bobby. I shot this with Efke ASA 50 in a 35mm format, so I could go back and re-shoot it with my MF. I'm not sure if this scene would still be there, though.

I could try to burn the sky; though I've never done any dodging before. I could practice, though, as I just got an a**-load of paper today from Freestyle! I can't wait to print some 11x14 or 16x20 :mrgreen:
I'm suprised, I find dodging easier than burning, as a peice of paper on a wire is easier to handle than a sheet of paper with a hole in it.

Do you have a set of pinking shears? At school they showed that zig-zag cuts left less of a noticable border. I don't have a set myself yet.

I've really got to practice burning in.

I wish you luck, I still don't get any two prints quite the same.

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