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Jun 23, 2008
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A small coastal village about an hours drive south
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The rotating beam has a seat on either end and..... well, you can guess the rest! The 'thing' almost made me crook watching it go around.

The 2 vertical 'poles' behind, held a slingshot arrangement, where a couple sat in a chair, and were propelled skyward at high speed. Almost an upside down bungee jump. Strictly for the kids.....

My daughter and I rode one of those slingshot bunjee rides once. It was crazy! And fun!

The round and round rides like that other one though are strictly off limits for me! I get sick just thinking about it! They sure are fun to shoot though!
come on.. get longer shutter for a full circle! :)
I agree with Schwettylens. I think it would be a better shot if you had the circle of color effect going. I do think it is a good shot. The colors are good. Too bad you couldn't stand on a balcony and get rid of the little bit of glare in the lower left.

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