Gondolas in Venice (Critique please)


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Feb 27, 2012
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Delhi, India
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A shot of the Gondolas in Venice.
Should I do away with the watermark or not??

Watermark is your decision. I feel that I'm drawn to the railing since that's what you focused in on...not sure I like what you focused on. Seems like a nice place though.
Yeah, the railing was my intended object of focus. I like the the bit unfocused effect of the gondolas and the focus on the railing. Took this photo by keeping the camera on the railing and focusing on the railing.
Don't like the point of focus, looks more like an accident than on purpose (and yes, I know you said you did it purposely)
Your image is about Gondolas where as all of them remain OOF.... about 90% of the image is unfocused and what is left to see is the rail

So i feel sorry :er:
Thanks for the comments.
So if i would have focused on the gondolas then should I have kept the railing in the frame or not?
Thank you, I was beginning out at that time, so wasn't as informed.

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