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good album to display pics? (8x10?)


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Sep 22, 2015
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New to the forum - I am a wanna be photographer :) It is strictly a hobby, but I have been lucky to get some decent shots. (many are underwater) But that is besides the point, I am looking for a good "coffee table" type album where I can display my photos that I currently do not have on my wall. Maybe use to take to show others, etc. I am thinking 8x10 is a good size to show off the detail better than a 5x7 - but I want to make sure it won't damage the pic - does anyone know of a good place to buy a nice album, one that doesn't look cheap, but also allows easy interchange?

8x10 isn't a typical album size. You can fairly easily get 8.5x11 leather bound scrapbooks that allow you to slide your prints into plastic sleeves, or mount them onto bound pages. That is if you are wanting to put existing prints into an album. If not, you can digitally create one and have it printed through various services.
Not the answer you wanted but I would put them on a nice tablet computer and make up a bunch of folders for different audiences. Call up the appropriate folder when needed.
Thanks for the replies. I have them on my computer but I guess I have a bunch on my wall and figured this would be a good way to swap them out a bit some are much larger and not appropriate for an album. And also looking at an actual print is so much nicer than seeing it on a computer screen. Into opinion.
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