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    hello togs, happy snappers and the like!

    just found your site and thought i'd hang around and say hello. not had a look round yet but will do shortly!

    my names Karl, and i'm from Mansfield, Notts, in the UK.

    i've been into photography now really since moblie phones started coming with cameras and the start of the digital era when it became affordable. so about 10 years or so for me. i've always had a point and shoot, but for the last 3 years nearly now i've had my first dslr and been learning ever since!

    my camera at the min is the Nikon D3000. although hopefully will be upgrading at some point towards the end of the year. as which, at the moment will be the D90.

    i'm still a budding amature at the moment, but getting there slowly. all trial and error, and a lot of youtube, lol.

    my kit so far consists of...

    my D3000
    50mm 1.8 af-s g
    kit lens
    couple yongnuo flashes
    a stand and white umbrella
    and a few filters.

    got to say its an expensive hobby buit well worth it with some of the results!

    i'll post some pics in the relevant forums to what i'm capible of so far!

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