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Feb 1, 2012
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I am looking for any and all advice on what or where are good places to photograph landscapes, or better put, what are good common landscapes that are good to photograph. Reason being I have a project for my intro to photography class. And I need pictures of architecture and landscapes. I am pretty confident in my skills with architecture, but not so much with landscape (I should mention I an in Texas, Lubbock to be exact).
SO my question is, would anyone have any recommendations on what are good common landscape that I can find in Texas to photograph as a beginner.

like, lakes, oil fields, etc.
just looking for ideas!

I think you are near Lincoln National Forest. Should be something in there.
or Big Bend Ranch State Park.
thanks for the advice!
Some of the best Texas shots I've seen were taken in the upcoming Spring months when the most intensive and massive storms start rolling in from the North. The entire sky basically becomes a canvas and with the sunlight hitting it from the SE or SW depending on the day time all you really need to do is be in a prairie/farmland (not hard to find in Lubbock) with maybe some cows (also not hard to find) with a wide angle. Place the flat prairie at the bottom (so it fills about an eighth or so of the frame) and start shoot'n! *Great example is on the title slide in the video below, also at 1:38.

Here's how's it's done in Texas!
Wyman Meinzer's West Texas
^one of the best, watch it all!

Here's some info about the guy too,
Wyman graduated from TexasTech. When he graduated, he moved back to a ranch near Benjamin so he could begin his photography. He lived in a dugout for a few months to be in the middle of the roadrunners, coyotes and snakes.

He's one of my favorites!
wow great video link!! and thanks for the advice! My project is due in a few weeks so I dont have a ton of time to wait for storms.. even though it did rain today, maybe i could catch a good dust storm rolling in or a thunderstorm.
i was thinking about going to Buffalo Springs Lake buffalo springs lake - Google Maps

and i think there i can get some good landscape, and then maybe i was thinking of taking a drive to Palo Duro Canyon for a day or so, and really get some good shots. I just hope that I can bring the skill that it takes for some really good shots!
thanks again that video is awesome!
i have to shoot my entire project on 50mm and 200iso
so i do have some limitations
is this too busy? i just snapped it on my way from class

Can you somehow clone put all the cars and replace it with dirt so it just shows the trees? Or maybe reshoot when there aren't any cars and then crop so you just see the trees if that's what you're trying to focus on.
Thanks for that Cheex. Awesome and inspiring

Tbrunke - nothing but flat land around there. Sunrise/sunset/thunderstorms best bet. Throw in an old windmill and your golden. If you have the time/means a road trip to Amarillo to hit Palo Duro Canyon and Caprock on the way back. Bet there would be many opportunities along the way.

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