Good videos for beginners to watch?


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Jan 12, 2012
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I recently bought a used D80, i read the manual twice and read "Nikon D80 Field Guide" by David Busch. I think I have a good handle on at least where to find most controls. Now it is putting that to work and learning technique. I am going through the articles in the these two threads

Best Books

But was wondering are there any good beginner video on either youtube or via pay subscription? I take a bumpy bus and subway ride to work with a small walk in between. I find it much easier to watch a video on my phone or tablet then to read anything. I also small break at lunch where I could watch videos much easier then reading a book.

Any recommendation on good videos? Everything I found in random youtube searches was junk
Just search for "exposure triangle", and "aperture, shutter speed, iso". Many decent videos on that.
Just learn how your camera gathers light. This must also be practiced, not just watched. Adjusting things should be second nature. :)

edit: Adorama has very good videos on YouTube! Both on basic and more advanced stuff.

edit 2:

sort of enjoy this hippie:

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I've watched quite a few videos on you tube.. Search for Greg Cazillo and Mark Wallace (Adorama and Snapfactory).

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