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Dec 15, 2016
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So as some of you might know, the google drive thing is going to become a paid thing if you upload your pictures.
Before you could upload your images as 'high quality' for free, as much as you like, buy now not anymore! It will count towards your 15gb max free storage.
My question to people who use this service, what will you do?
And if you still upload images as high quality, how compressed are those images?
I'm thinking, what if I just let my PC run a few nights compressing all my images to very tiny files and upload those?
I have a full size back up already in place, but I enjoy the google one as an extra and to easily share and show pictures from my phone.
I use it, primarily to share with family. I'm only uploading jpegs and Google does a good job of compressing it further if you pick the "High quality" option. Jpegs will not shrink if you zip it, you will have to recreate it with a better compression. Raw files, sidecars etc. you can zip. I used to do it, storing it in my Google drive. But it makes no difference anymore where you store it, so I removed all of those and intend to keep the JPEGs under 15mb.
That's odd??? All the posts on this thread disappeared over night????

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