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Mar 25, 2005
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Has anyone found their house/street on this Google street view thing? Maybe you've spotted something funny or someone you know?

I found mine but noticed that they had not blurred my car reg. I also spotted a lady from where i work having a sneaky smoke outside the office!

I actually think I remember seeing the strange google car with the camera on top driving around a few times. Didn't know what it was at the time until i saw them on the news.
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A lady at work was taking the garbage out at her house. As for me I was glad that my lawn had been just freshly cut! ;)
nice link Clarinet
I've been looking at all of my old houses for the last hour... My jeep used to be parked in front of one of the houses I lived at in NC, but it's been updated. Where I live now isn't imaged at a high enough resolution to see cars (no street view either)...

Man, it's harder than I thought it would be to remember how to get places in cities I haven't been to in a while. "OK, I know it's near 273 & 40... Do I turn right here...?" LOL.
Haha funny that you started this topic. They were taking the pictures of the day we had a Polish Parade here in NYC and we drove a truck back to where we Polish ppl live. They captured the tuck. I was somwhere there but cant find me but I could recognize many of my friends. search for 802 Lorimer St, New York, NY, United States and then do street view and look around. lol
I live in the middle of nowhere so no Google street maps for me, thank goodness.
I love it... I can see the streets to where I'm going before I get there. You can see it better than in google earth.
I live in the middle of nowhere so no Google street maps for me, thank goodness.
Same here, same here.
I think it'll take another century until the Google car will venture into this area. Only were most of the Panoramio pics of the area taken by me ... ;)
Oh my... I can see my house! The picture was taken on a Tuesday afternoon judging from the blue recyclable bin and the position of the Sun. It's also pretty recent, within the last year or so.

Here it is.

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