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Jan 5, 2009
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Brand new to GoPro, I picked up a Hero 3 silver plus this week. I downloaded the app on my iPhone and initially it asked me if I wanted to share images and data from my phone. I hit "no" thinking that it was talking about sharing other info, or possibly sharing with GoPro like some apps do. Anyway now when I am controlling my GP with my phone I cannot view the videos or images that I take. Whenever I try to view them it says "viewing is not allowed due to a setting on the device."
I cannot find anywhere to change this? I uninstalled the app then reinstalled it thinking it would ask me again but now it just downloads and goes back to the original settings, and does not give me the option.

Any ideas?
Maybe try deleting app and re-install from scratch .
I did that and nothing, it goes to the same settings I already had. I think the iPhone recognizes I have already had the app. When I reinstall it, it starts right up without asking the initial set up questions.

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