got back into photography and feel I'v become a lot worse

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by laam999, May 9, 2010.

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    Hi, I got into photography a fair few years ago ad my parents where kind enough to buy me 350D. I've been wanting to upgrade the kit lens to an f2.8 but I just ever got the money together. After about 2 years I went to Brazil for three months and I kept getting asked to "take a pic of this" or "take a pic of that" and I ended up just taking 1000s for snapshots which really put me off taking photos as that's not what I like to do.

    It's been over a year since I got back and I really felt like taking some pics I wanted to take again not just the snaps I was taking but I feel I've gotten LOADS worse. I'm having trouble with the focusing o my camera, it always seems to be out of focus and I bought my self a flash gun as I hated the popup flash but I'm still learning how to use this.

    I kinda feel like I've taken a massive step back. I used to love the whole "urbex" thing but since I'm not a student no more and I wan to get in the police I just don't see it's worth the risk.

    I'm just wondering if there is something I should set myself as a "project" to bring myself back upto speed. I remeber how to use my am, al the rules of exposure and composition etc but I just feel like I take pics like I've never held a camera.

    I'm going out with an old friend today who I hav't seen since before Brazil so I'll probs be on the photo taking next week but the things I'd like to really improve on are car and person photography. I have bought an old mk1 MR2 and I'm going to be restoring it but I'm finding it hard to photograph it and do it justice. I've always been pretty crap at people shots since I'm not sure how to get them to ask etc but advice would be great. More "still life" kinda stuff I can still do fine.

    Anyhoo this isn't so much asking for advice just me moaning about my massive drop off and asking for fousing advice other than DOF and using centre focusing point.

    Thanks for reading anyway


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    I feel the same way, I put down my camera for a while now and want to get back into it as well. I have been away from forum for a while too. Since I been back it has inspired me to go out and start shooting again.

    My advice would be to read the post on here, pick a subject and go out and take pictures.

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