Got my D3s today. Battery chamber question.

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Mar 10, 2008
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I got it today and so far so good. I only got to use it to shoot some football practice(preview week at the paper for the local varsity teams) but I was still blown away by how well it performs.

Anyway, I noticed right away that the cover on the battery chamber, even with the battery in, fits a bit loose. Not crazy loose, but enough to make me think water could work its way in on a particularly misty day.

Anyone else notice this, is it normal, or is it a flaw i need to have fixed?
that should be tight, exchange it maybe at the store you got it from?
I would imagine the problem is with the cover(maybe the metal plate inside is slightly bent, not allowing the battery to fit in properly?) and not the body. I'd rather spend 20 bucks on another cover first than send it back to them and wait...again.
Anyway, other than the battery chamber, this thing is amazing. I was shooting with it and my D300 today and the differences go far beyond night and day. I knew the D3s would perform a lot better, but I wasn't expecting this much.

If I hadn't been surrounded by a bunch of football players I probably would have danced with excitement because of how fast and sharp the focusing was. And then I got back to the office and saw how rich the tones were.

Incredible camera. Cant wait for football and basketball season to start so I can really test the high ISOs.

Button layout will take some getting use to.
I wish o had that problem :((( lol
Woot! Congratz.

Personally for that kind of dosh, I would do exactly what Sw1tchFX suggested.

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