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Mar 29, 2016
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Yesterday was a milestone it was the 4 yr anniversary of the day we adopted Ms Sadie Mae. Never have we had such a loving creature in our care,iIt's been a joy every day. Yesterday was bright, sunny and fairly warm, so we spent most of the day outside doing what she enjoys most. Running the woods exploring every scent, chasing lizards, and playing ball. A quick snap of the Queen surveying her domain.
Gotcha Day20210228_3916.jpg
Thanks @Dean_Gretsch she's pretty much up for anything, as long as she's by my side. From lap dog to best hunting dog and everything in between, one of the special ones.
Lovely looking dog, great posture and a fine take of her.
Thank you all, I really feel bad, because late fall through early spring is when we spend a lot of time in the field. Less snake danger, and I don't tolerate the heat well, but this year has been wet and cold, so we've been confined a lot. As a result we've both packed on few pounds. :apologetic:
Lovely pup! They are the perfect companions!

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